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April 4 2012 4 04 /04 /April /2012 19:18
©1988  Metronome
01. The Ghost of You
02. Refugee
03. Under You
04. Lonely Hearts
05. Devotion
06. Dream Come True
07. It's a Lovers World
08. Red Party Dress
09. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Matches
10. Don't Fool Me

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Published by 80sonSpeed - in New Wave
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Y. Sincerely 09/30/2012 15:07

I received a Mail:

Quote: Hi there,
I am here representing Annabel Lamb.
Would you be kind enough to remove all links
regarding the downloads of Miss Lamb's albums ?
Thank you so much. www.annabellamb.net

So, let's be it!!