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  • 80's on Speed
  • : A site for all of you with a LOVE for the music of the 80's ! Re-live a decade that should never have ended...
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July 4 2012 4 04 /07 /July /2012 15:12
©1979  Rough Trade
01. Kirlian Photograph
02. No Escape
03. Fourth Shot
04. Heaven and Hell
05. Eyeless Sight (Recorded Live '79)
06. Photophobia
07. On Every Other Street
08. Expect Nothing
09. Capsules

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Published by 80sonSpeed - in Electronic
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Patrik 07/28/2014 05:23

gracias muy buena musik

DJB 08/13/2012 21:11

Cheers SIR. I'll give it a go.

SIR 08/13/2012 18:02

maybe your rar program version uses older algorithm... try with new rar software versions and unrar under windows - in linux some rar files doesn't work for me either...


DJB 08/06/2012 20:23

Hi 80sOS
I can't figure out what's up, but pass isn't working for me on anything here anymore. Tried adding an apostrophe, tried leaving spaces and tried original 80sonspeed, but still won't let me open
Any ideas please?

D x

russ 07/14/2012 18:23

I love the Cabs 'noise'...Thank you for sharing great music.