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August 16 2011 3 16 /08 /August /2011 20:13
©1981 Jupiter Records
01. Ghosts
02. Keep the Pace
03. Overseas
04. Late Night City
05. Summer in the City
06. Cool Chick
07. One by One
08. Strangler
09. All Always
10. TVC 15
11. Raceway
12. Comateens Munsters

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Published by 80sonSpeed - in New Wave
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Mousaka 05/09/2013 17:15

Is this possible for you to reup this great album ?
Thank you for Your site and the job.

Ariel 03/02/2013 18:30

the link is dead :( Can you please re-upload? Thanks!

Momusaka 10/18/2012 14:54

Unfortunatly links are dead.
Hard to find.
Thank you for your work
From France.

the saucer people 08/31/2011 01:36

great Liverpool band that had totally disappeared down my memory hole until now! Huge thanks for sharing this and the other Comateens albums, definitely one of those underrated bands that the other
Liverpool acts at the time a la Teardrops and the Bunnymen I guess sadly over-shadowed...I appreciate it all the hard work it takes to run a blog and thanks again for a wonderful journey down the
rambling and winding lane of memory...

Y. Sincerely 08/16/2011 21:15


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