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May 12 2012 7 12 /05 /May /2012 19:52
©1983  Virgin
01. Love Cares
02. Universe Won't Mind
03. Ecstacy
04. Miracle in My Heart
05. Love Building Beauty
06. Desire
07. Waiting for Another Chance
08. Searching for Love
09. Both of Us
10. We Feel Good (Future's Looking Fine)
11. Darkness
12. Ready or Not
13. Look Now
14. Love Cares (Extended)
15. Waiting for Another Chance (Extended)
16. Desire (Vocal)
17. Desire (Extended)

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Published by 80sonSpeed - in New Wave
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apollojams 05/29/2012 20:00

Hi, just wanted to thank you for more than one. Endgames! The Quick! I practically forgot about these groups, and loved/bought [respectively] "Love Cares", and "Zulu"/"Rhythm Of The Jungle" long
ago when they were new 12"s. Thanx for such a wonderful line-up of offerings,and ease of use. Please keep up the good work, and thanx again.

Antonio 05/13/2012 13:23

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Thanks for your blog is GREAT! :)

bobbysu 05/13/2012 05:04

thank you very much

Y. Sincerely 05/12/2012 20:55

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