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August 4 2011 5 04 /08 /August /2011 19:39
©1993  MCA
01. If I Can't Have You (John Robinson Mix)
02. Kids in America (the Matanza Mix)
03. The Second Time (U.S. Remix)
04. Rage to Love (Extended Version)
05. You Keep Me Hangin' on (W.C.H. Mix)
06. Another Step (Extended Mix)
07. You Came (the Close Remix)
08. Never Trust a Stranger (Snajazz Mix)
09. Four Letter Word (Late Night Mix)
10. Love is Holy (Ambient Mix)
11. If I Can't Have You (Extended Version)
12. In My Life (West End 12'' Remix)

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Published by 80sonSpeed - in Pop
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joe 02/07/2012 00:29

The file of the above link no longer exists. This could be for several reasons:
■The uploader deleted the file.
■The file contained illegal contents and was deleted from our servers by our Anti-Abuse team.
■The link is incorrect.
■The server is busy and can not process the request.

matt 08/07/2011 18:14

thank you. thank you. thank you.

vuoksenniska 08/05/2011 09:28

Thank you very much for this great remix album!
Kim Wilde can still move people on the dancefloor

Y. Sincerely 08/04/2011 20:42


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